The Last Dress from Paris

The secret is hidden within a collection of Dior dresses…

London, 2017. There’s no one Lucille adores more than her grandmother (not even her mother, she’s ashamed to say). So when her beloved Granny Sylvie asks Lucille to help secure the return of something precious to her, she’s happy to help. The next thing she knows, Lucille is on a train to Paris, tasked with retrieving a priceless Dior dress. But not everything is as it seems, and what Lucille finds in a small Parisian apartment will have her scouring the city for answers to a question that could change her entire life.

Paris, 1952. Postwar France is full of glamour and privilege, and Alice Ainsley is in the middle of it all. As the wife to the British ambassador to France, Alice’s job is to see and be seen—even if that wasn’t quite what she signed up for. Her husband showers her with jewels, banquets, and couture Dior dresses, but his affection has become distressingly illusive. As the strain on her marriage grows, Alice’s only comfort is her bond with her trusted lady’s maid, Marianne. But when a new face appears in her drawing room, Alice finds herself swept up in an epic love affair that has her yearning to follow her heart…no matter the consequences.

In The Last Dress from Paris, the city of lights comes alive as Jade Beer weaves this lush, evocative tale that explores the ties that bind us together, the truths we hold that make us who we are, and the true meaning of what makes someone family.

Praise for The Last Dress from Paris

“A delightful fashion treasure hunt involving some of my favorite Dior gowns made this book a winner for me! The present day and 1950s narratives weave seamlessly together, the dresses dance from the pages, and Paris is resplendently depicted.” Natasha LesterNew York Times bestselling author of The Paris Secret

“After finishing Beer’s latest, it was all I could do to not book the next plane to France and head straight for the House of Dior. Offering a whirlwind tour through Paris, both past and present, the novel is a rich exploration of the power of female friendships and the true meaning of family. Moving and utterly enjoyable.” Fiona Davis, New York Times bestselling author of The Lions of Fifth Avenue

“An absolute delight! The Last Dress from Paris is as original, elegant, and romantic as the Dior dresses the novel’s mystery is woven around. Jade Beer seamlessly stitches together an illuminating story of female friendships, secrets, and a couture treasure hunt that takes the reader from post-war Paris to present-day London. The writing is a breath of fresh air, and in her leading ladies, Lucille and Alice, Beer delivers intriguing complex characters for her readers to really care about. Magnifique!” Hazel Gaynor, New York Times bestselling author of When We Were Young & Brave

“I devoured this multigenerational masterpiece! Jade Beer invites her reader on a glamorous treasure hunt through Paris, searching for exquisite Dior dresses and secrets from the past. The Last Dress from Paris is a stunning mix of haute couture, romance, scandal, and intrigue.  With breathtaking prose and a stunning Paris backdrop, Jade Beer offers a tender, heartfelt look at love and friendship, and the sacrifices we make for both.” Lori Nelson Spielman, New York Times bestselling author of The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany

“An unexpected trip to Paris starts this journey of discovering lost fashion treasures while uncovering a tale of forbidden love. In The Last Dress from Paris, Jade Beer’s gorgeous prose brings Dior’s fashions to life as she deftly weaves together a novel that is part homage to fashion and part romance as well as a celebration of mothers and daughters. Readers will eat this one up!” Renee RosenUSA Today bestselling author of The Social Graces

“An elegantly and evocatively written, thoroughly researched novel that will prove to be an absolute must read for romantics and fashionistas. Transportive, dreamy and aspirational, guaranteed to uplift and entertain.” Adele Parks, internationally bestselling author of Both of You

“As beautifully stitched together as a couture gown, Jade Beer’s book entrances with its themes of family and female friendships. I loved it.” Jessica Fellowes, internationally bestselling author

“Sumptuous, evocative and dripping in Parisian elegance. I loved the way the past and present were skilfully woven together. What a beautifully written page turner.” Kate Thompson, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Little Wartime Library

“Ravishing. I was swept away by the romance, the passion, the frocks – and Paris! A gorgeous story to immerse yourself in – the ultimate escape full of beautiful detail and atmosphere. Serve with a chilled glass of champagne.” Veronica Henry, Sunday Times bestselling author of Thirty Days in Paris

“My kind of read, with vintage couture gowns, Parisian elegance and romance across the ages.” Gill Paul, author of The Manhattan Girls

What I Didn’t Say

Betsy is the happily engaged twenty-something whose eyes should be all over her wedding plans but are all over another man instead. Her mother Helen is playing the part of the ecstatic mother-of-the-bride, while keeping her own secret love affair under wraps. Nat, who lies for a living, is questioning how much longer she can keep it up. And Jenny, full of love, desperate to be loved back and about to tell one tiny fib that will spark a hundred more.

Praise for What I Didn’t Say

‘A warm and engrossing read about love and expectations. Beer is the editor of Brides magazine, so is ideally placed to describe every nuance of this gorgeous, glossy world.’ Sara Lawrence, The Daily Mail

‘Poignant, emotional and beautiful, prepare to have your heart broken in the best possible way.’ Isabelle Broom, Heat magazine

‘I sobbed for about 30 minutes when I finished it… So real and human that I felt I had gone on an emotional journey with the characters… This book is so good.’ Musings of a Tired Mummy

‘A beautiful, poignant, thought-provoking story. It will make you smile, cry and perhaps have some self-reflection. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to read this gem and can’t recommend it enough.’ A Haven for Book Lovers

‘This book whisked me away… I ran the full gauntlet of emotions with them, laughing some big dirty laughs and then sadly sniffling my way through the pages. It both broke and then mended my heart… realistic and also very touching.’ Between My Lines

‘A beautiful, moving and touching story… delivers a heart-warming and emotional story that is sure to make you laugh and cry and hope that the story never ends… Have a box of tissues ready because the tears will come, a lot. I do not think this book can have been any more perfect!’ Sinfully Wicked Book Reviews, 5 stars

‘Emotional, charming and light-hearted… there were extremely emotional thoughts and reflections from mother to daughter that I found deeply touching.’ Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading

‘Blew me away… a tender, enchanting read which tugs on the heart strings left, right and centre. Jade Beer has once again showcased her beautiful, beautiful way of storytelling and I have to say that she has done every one of her characters proud. An enchanting, escapism of a read.’ The Writing Garnet, 5 stars

The Almost Wife

A royal photographer who refuses to shoot ugly people, a planning-obsessed father-of-the-bride, a family-phobic groom who wants sex, not love and three-brides-to-be all racing towards the perfect day. But only two will make it up the aisle – and only one will marry. In between the acres of tulle, towering cakes and David Austin roses, who will emerge happy ever after and whose choices will have devastating consequences no one could predict?

Praise for The Almost Wife 

‘Heartbreaking and uplifting, have tissues to hand, an emotional rollercoaster.’ Adele Parks, bestselling author of I Invited Her In

‘Uplifting, nuanced and heart-breaking, The Almost Wife has more layers than any wedding cake.’ Penny Parkes, bestselling author of Out of Practice

‘The ideal book to help you deal with post-summer blues.’ Hello! magazine

‘Heralding the arrival of an exciting new voice in women’s fiction, this is brilliantly written.’ Heat magazine

‘An emotional page-turner, full of glossy insider details, you’re in for tears and tulle aplenty.’ Stella magazine

‘A gripping take on love and marriage that will fuel your wedding season.’ Cosmopolitan

‘A charming, frothy book that packs an emotional punch.’ Red magazine

‘Nobody is more qualified to write about weddings than Brides editor Jade Beer. Her novel is laugh-out-loud in parts, it will bring a tear to your eye in others. An irresistible, feel-good read.’ Catherine Isaacs, author of You, Me, Everything

‘I laughed like a bridesmaid on a hen night, I cried like the mother of the bride. A book to restore your faith in love.’ Erin Kelly, bestselling author of He Said She Said

‘A fun, glamorous story that sparkles with insider detail.’ Polly Williams, bestselling author of The Rise and Fall of a Yummy Mummy

‘As frothy and heart-warming as a summer wedding – perfect for reading by the pool, cocktail in hand.’ Rosanna Ley, bestselling author of The Villa

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